6 Jan. 2010

Sneeky Karma

Took Little Man with me to our favourite organic café -Food Story. Big Man is working working working, so we had a little sneeky trip.

The café is exactly what the word sais. You know where the food comes from. If it gives you karma I'm not so sure.


  1. The flower shot is dreamy! What kind of lens did you use for that?

  2. love your eye... are you going to get tired of me telling you this?...

  3. Sara: I discovered the magical wonders of a 50mm i november. I have not looked back since. It is f1.8 and very good for the poor winter light.And it's cheap!

    Jane: Never.

  4. Love those lamps. Similar ones were recently featured in a magazine that mistakenly lands in my mailbox each month.

  5. Colleen: I wish I could afford them. They are from the Dutch designer Moooi.


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