26 Jan. 2010

Old Friends

It's Australia-day today. And my thoughts are moving back to memories. Earlier times.

As I was walking around the house with my camera (as you do) I looked up at my bookshelf and saw ths section. Mixed, but definitely some of the strongest influences in my life. (Except for that Rebeccas Tale book, don't think I even bothered to read it)

Theres a bit of Taoism, some environmental theory, a bit of Darwin, poetry and aome excellent exellent new journalism. And Murakami. My hero.

And in a lot of ways it is just like me. Or maybe a more like some of me. Today there would be at least ten cookbooks in there. Maybe a photo-manual or two. 

And it dawns on me as I'm writing this that I'm all I was ten years ago, and of course more. But I'm still that purple-haired vegan hippie poet (yup!) at heart.

Isn't it interesting what makes us me? What makes you me?

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