22 Nov. 2009

Blurbed Out

It's been a grey day. But the sun did say hello. And we were outside. So I feel allright.

I've been Blurbing like mad and am totally exhausted. We did have a beautiful day though.


 Sleeping till nine. Boy as well.
 Lighting a fire. The smell of the smoke tickling in my nose.
 Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup for brekkie. Radio on. The smell of coffee wafting through the kitchen into the living room.
 Walking and playing by the fjord. Hafrsfjord. Getting back into the car before the rain.
 Playing around with the camera and The Boys in Farfars (Fathers Fathers) garden.
 Watching our new common obsession, 'Forbrytelsen' during Little Mans nap. Then another two episodes before bed.
 Making meatballs for dinner, and inviting happy happy in-laws.
 Having Little Man around all day. Getting (and stealing) loads of hugs. Having interesting conversations with a two year old.
 Going to bed knowing Monday is still (for a little while longer) a day off. No stress in the morning.

Hope everyone had a good one. Mine turned out pretty well.



  1. sounds like a relaxed and joyous day :)

  2. Sounds great. Are you going to show us the Blurb book? Am fascinated.
    Budgewoi hey? I'm down the other end of the coast. Still exploring the northern stretches.

  3. Sounds like the PERFECT Sunday!

  4. Katie: I think you can actually view the book on Blurb now ... haven't checked out the feature myself.

    It's a family thing, but I want to make my own cook book at some point. And a street-art one. And a poetry one. And ... I love that I can make my own layouts.

    And Budgewoi rules.

  5. ... and for Molly and Mari:

    It was a beautiful day ...


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