21 Nov. 2009

A Quiet Night

The swans had already gone to bed.

Dropped Little Man off at the in-laws, and went out for a curry. It was such a beautiful mild night after a couple of days with record rainfall (they have never registered that much rain in the area ever! (and this is a rainy place)). It was lovely walking to town.

Warm light filled the alleys.

Tried a new curry place and stuffed ourselves silly on popadoms, mint raita, tandoori masalas and kingfisher beer.

Chocolate in all varieties.

Then we walked to Sjokoladepiken (The Chocolate Girl) for coffee and dessert. They make all their own chocolate, and it delicious. We shared the chocolate and passionfruit mousse, and couldn't resist a couple of pieces of choclate.

I always end up buying plain dark chocolate and a cappuccino. (Picture: Big Man)

One plain, dark. The other called 'Graceland' inspired by Elvis' favourite peanutbutter sandwitch.

The brown ones to the rigbt, below the pretty pink ones are yummy passionfruit. (The pink are raspberry)
And we rolled walked home. Content. Looking at the pretty lights.


  1. du får meg til å savne stavanger med bildene dine!

  2. Så bra! Du skal vel hjem til jul?

  3. ja, første gang på to år, er spent på om det har forandret seg mye.. sjokoladepiken tror jeg f.eks må være et nytt sted?

  4. Relativt ny, men har nå vært der en stund. Du har vel ikke sett Tusenårsstedet da? Det nye torget?

  5. Mmmh! The Chocolate Girl looks amazing! What a great night!

  6. Beautiful, lovely, very evocative. So great when we have time for ourselves.

  7. nei, ingen av delene, gleder meg til nye oppdagelser :)


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