30 Nov. 2009

Last Day of November

Time flies.

December tomorrow. Finally. Have already pulled out the Christmas lights. Purple candles for Advent. I keep picking up pine cones and braches and candes intending to make something out of them.

We've been litterally knocked out. That swine flu shot really got to me and Little Man. I thought my arm was going to fall off. We both got a fever too.

Worked this weekend and freezed my bum of in clear winter weather watching them light the Christmas trees.

Christmas can come, but I'm hanging out for spring. Still.

And I have to make those Christmas cards. Don't you just hate being creative on demand?


  1. Hey, is that a real bar? Or you photoshopped it?
    I'm so not prepared for Xmas, thanks for remind me of Advent calendar.
    Hope you get better soon like tomorrow or something. :)

  2. Ju: Thanks... Feeling a little better already. 'Shit' is a local clothing brand. you can get caps, t-shirts, undies and more with the lable. So no, not photoshopped.

  3. Sorry to hear you've not been well. Lots of hugs for a speedy recovery.

    (I've decided not to make cards this year, for the first year since I was about 15. I feel very guilty about it. Will Christmas be ruined, do you think?)

  4. Guilt doesn't do anyone good. These are the cumpulsory family photo ones.

    We skipped them last year, and the year before we pretended our birth announcements were the card, so we are due.

    But they might not get out before Christmas...

  5. hope you feel better soon! hugs!


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