8 Nov. 2009

This Brilliant Man

My mother tongue class dinasaur nerd. My high school friend. My help me through living in Newcastle-upon-Tyne guy. My party partner. My provider of mates to snog with. My deep conversational partner. My bi-lingual brother. My provider of budgies to look after (although not in a while). My I-look-like-I-eat-them-for-breakfast-but-I-actually-babysit-all-the-time gothic mate.

My friend forever even though we never see eachother enough and always say we have to meet up but never seem to find the time. (Excuses!)

He has done it again. He answered the most difficult questions I could ever imagine about Star Wars (geek!) and won 24.000 kroners. On saturday he can double it.

The force is strong in you, Jazzy!

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