17 Nov. 2009


So I finally lure elusive Bag Lady over as a follower and soon after she tags me with this:

'The Shoulda Been a Stripper Award'

The only reason I'm passing on such a weird award is that she calls me 'talented' and I'm a sucker for praize. And I get to highlight some of you beautiful, talented, sweet, honest, colourful, interesting etcetera etcetera blog people out there.

It comes with rules:
a) Post the award, and 
b) List seven personality traits, as evidenced by your blog.
 Here goes:
1. Positive. I always try (being the key word) to stay positive. And I like to think that I end things on a high note. Always. 

2. Foodie. I love food. Passionately. And my extra kilos are a result of that. I try to work them off, but it is so not as fun as eating.

3. Dedicated. I'm consiencious and I like to do things properly. Hence I'm passing on this tag (Bag Lady got it right). 

4. I like attention. Preferably positive, but I will settle for negative if it is the only attention I'll get.

5. Drama queen. Probably related to #4. Can throw a great tantrum.

6. Caring. In my house you'll get a full belly and a big hug. And some compliments. And maybe some of my well meant advice wisdom.
7. I'm a try hard. Ambitious. Competitive. And insecure about it. But it gets me places. 

I'm copying Bag Lady and sending this to five bloggers that I'm crushing on at the mo. Take it as a compliment guys and not as another annoying tag. 
It means I want to be you, live your lives, or at least stand next to you and hope that some of that interestingness rubs off.

So: Spuddy, Miss Toots (no you don't have to strip again), Molly, Prosalosa and Mr. L. Street stand up straight and prepare to receive some praize.

I think you're cool. Can I have your bloggy babies? 


  1. It is a fantastic compliment and as you know I'm a big fan of your blog too. I don't really 'do' awards but that doesn't mean I'm any less flattered that you thought of me.

  2. Thank you darlin'. I got this one from Tooting too and was so going to tag you!

  3. Tag away sweets. Spend one of them on me since I've already done it.

  4. Thank you! This made my day (..even with the weird award name)! Can I pass it back to you? May be a bit off, but I really do like your blog too :D


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