8 Nov. 2009

Sunday Drive

Isn't she a beauty? (The lens, not me, sillies...) She might need a name.
We went for a morning foto session drive. These were some of our sights.

This is one of the ways the farmers store hay for winter.

Some sheep found a little bit of freedom and fresh grass out of their pen.

The surfers were enjoying a good swell after the weeks winter storms.

We went for a walk in the woods.

Some moss posed for me.

And we found pinecones.

Loads of pinecones.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! It's been raining here all weekend so no walks for us, just sitting at home...

  2. Love the pictures, cute cute sheep! Walks in the fall are lovely!

  3. I love these! it's funny, it almost looks as if one sheep is standing on top of the other :-)


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