23 Nov. 2009

Chubby Hugs

The chubbier lady-boat is cuddling her blue mate. Can we expect purple dingies any time soon?

The lovely Lou Lou at Tooting Squared commented that she liked the idea of chubby hugs. It was in a post about pumpkins. I totally agree. From when I was very little I always loved hugging the bigger, boobier women. They were softer. More comforting.

But then I'm a champion hugger.

Now, I've thought that I'd end up being one of those soft grandmothers, but I have to admit that I'm pretty soft already. Little Man likes me, that's for sure.

As for my quality of hugs, I've been told I'm a great hugger. Tight enough, and filled with good vibes.

My editor always comments that I give animals and inanimate objects personality. Hugging boats and pumpkins included. It is my way of relating. Putting feelings into things. Sometimes I worry that I get too attatched, but I've never been to attatched to things. More to memories. I do hug inanimate things. Like Luce. And the printer at work, when she's giving me attitude.

But lately I've been thinking about virtual hugs. The ones I send to blog-peeps out there when I read your posts. We all go through tougher times in life, and my gut instinct to grab someone and hug them just doesn't cut it in the blogosphere. So I try saying it. It is so not the same, but I hope the words are enough for you to feel it.

So here I am. Opening my arms. Enveloping everyone who needs it in a big chubby hug. Passing on positive energy, warmth and love. And I hope someone catches one. (And if you do, please pass it along.)

Hug someone today. Virtually. Digitally. Analogue. Who cares.



  1. well thanks for that "chubby hug"... i got it and am sending one back. hugs are so much better than some words, especially when you mean it :)

  2. Miss B, you are too lovely. That's just what I needed today. A lovely soft-but-firm hug from a qualified hug giver. Consider yourself hugged back. A nice squeezy one. xxx

  3. I adore a good hug!
    just discovered your blog full of visual delights!
    Great photography!


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