18 Nov. 2009

Going to Copenhagen

I'm going to Copenhagen, and I'm going to live in a boat in happening Nyhavn, and spending some time with lovely lovely Julochka. Yay!

Now, don't fret. This is not an impromptou Blog Camp that you're not invited to. It's serious stuff. I am off to COP 15: The United Nations Climate Conference.

It all happened this way.

My wonderful editor sent me this link to a governmental energy project called Enova. They are sponsoring 30 journalists to go to Copenhagen and take part in the conference. I called them, asking if they thought of my local paper as insignificant. She said she didn't know.

Obviously not so insignificant, hey? Cause I got a spot. And my editor was over the moon.

So now I'm all climaty (now a new word) and important. No more than before, but I feel so honoured that I get to be there and witness history. And we're doing 'Copenhagen Deconstructed' in the grassroots back home. Fun!

(Can you tell from all the exclamation points that I'm excited?)

My inner Environmental Manager (yes, I do have that degree) is excited. The journalist me is excited. The bloggy me is excited. The personal me is excited.

And as independant as I am I'm also a little intimidated. Anybody else going? We can hold hands...

At least I can get some comfort in the form of gin and tonic sorbet in The Blue Room after.

I might need it.


  1. it IS so exciting to be part of COP15 - good for you! we're doing hot toddies at the moment, but we've got plenty of gin, so we can no doubt do a G&T if you're in need. :-)

  2. Lucky you, it's a great opportunity! I hope you'll make the best of it, Blue Room included :)

  3. gin and tonic sorbet? I wanna try one of those..
    enjoy your trip! and be sure to show us the pics after!

  4. wow... copenhagen, boat, julochka, blue room, gin and tonic sorbes... sounds devine, have fun :)


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