19 Oct. 2009

My Day: Bytesize

Breakfast. Double cappuccino and carrot cup kake.

Have had a beautiful day that included good friends, good hugs, good coffee, and good photography.

 Lovable poster. I want to be that cocky champion.

Bike bar (that middle bit). With sculls. Season appropriate.

Old school fire alarm. 

Old pharmacy. Now clothes store.

The shop has been here since the 50´s.

Organic indulgence. One of my true faves.

Some more Nuart. Gorgeous.


  1. I löööv your photos, lady. And really admire your frequent updates!

    All the best,

  2. great shots from your great day! Lucy is keeping you busy ;-)

  3. Nice! Skal hjem til jul, skal ta meg en runde i byen da og kikke på nuart.

  4. Love your new blog header! How do you do that? I want one too!!!!

  5. Soozie: Check out my post called Bannerriffic. I link to the step by step recipie I used. But it is really easy, and if you need some help, just shout.

  6. And thank you all for the feedback. I do love it, and Big Man is worried that I will become obsessed with the blog. Don´t worry. I already am.

  7. your photos give a new life to the everyday world around us..they are so beautiful! Thank you!


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