26 Oct. 2009

Tray Crazy

I think I have started to collect trays. From having a couple, it´s definately turned ino a collection. Here is my newest addition. I love the way the design totally suits my pomegranite. The tray is bought online at Sweet Memories. I got some cowboy sheets for the bed there as well. I think I´m geting addicted to receiving packages in the mail too. Even if it is self presenting.


  1. That tray is cool!

    We don't have IKEA here so its a must-do whenever abroad. Sad hey?

    Catching up on your posts ...

  2. Not so sad... I like going to IKEAs abroad for the novelty value.

    Went to IKEA today :-)

  3. i love the tray, i think i secretly have a thing for trays too :)

  4. lovely tray MB.
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