1 Oct. 2009

Three Colours: Red

Little Man and his cars.

Local post box

Odd and intriguing art installation

Kiter on the beach.

My Dad making a cart for his bike.

Wild strawberries down south.

Poppy in my garden.

House in Lund.


Shoes and socks.

Little Man in his PJs.


  1. They are fantastic but what is that wolf man? I love that picture.

  2. fantastic shots... i'm not crazy about the color red, but for some reason i love it in photos... huh go figure...

  3. Ju: It is part of an exhibition/theatre thingy I went to. They har little live installations in nature, and then a huge play in the middle of the water. The bear is courting the deer.

  4. hey happy October to you and i love love the pics. i esp. like the GEOPARKEN. great shot!


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