12 Oct. 2009

Love #2

My second love is Anders from Denmark. There is already a theme developing, and I will stick to it. Believe you me. For those of you that missed my first love, Oscar from Sweden, read about him here.

I was 17. It's early spring, and I've managed to get myself into an environmental conference. A nordic one with representatives from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. We're staying at Sola Strand Hotel. In my home town, but it is still far enough from home to give me that camp feel. I'm already a stead fast vegetarian, tree hugger, and only weeks away from dying my hair blue.

Late nights with kindred environmental spirits produce great discussions way into the wee hours of the morning. Tall tall (again the similarities) Anders and I walk on the beach. Holding hands. The sun rising. It is (still) one of the most romantic moments of my life.  Because it's all innocent. Coloured by the experiences of teenage love and rejection, I'm far too afraid to make any sort of move. So is he it seems.

As he gets on the bus in the hotel parking lot that same morning both of our eyes well up with the unfulfilled potential of a stronger connection. One of the adults notices. Acknowledging our love.

Only days later I get a letter. A proper love letter. Anders expresses his care for me. My heart fills with pride. Pride that I managed to like someone who liked me back. And he's drawn us. On the beach. Holding hands. The sun coming up in the horizon.

I'm not even sure if I wrote him back But knowing me, the piner, I probably did. A letter full of care and cliches all the way.

Anders from Esbjerg. Tall. Danish viking. Still in my heart.

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  1. oh the memories! I loved the one about your first love too, reminded me of two(!) swedish boys I met in greece at 11, I fell in love with both..

    falling in love back then went alot quicker, but falling out again went as slowly as it does now..


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