20 Oct. 2009

Confession #7

I´m a gaming nerd. I love computer games, but I try to stay away from them as I get totally hooked. And it´s not like I need more reasons to play with my new babyLucy Queen of Narnia (Luce for short), than I already have. (I might as well hook her up intraveinously).

I´ve already posted about it way back when. My favourite (till now) has been Samorost, but now I have a new favourite from Amanita designs.

In Machinarium you get to "be" the cutest little robot. I played throught the demo last night, and I am already totally hooked.

And for those sceptics out there. This game is an award winning point and click classic, and a logical challenge. Just made fun in a special universe with a really sweet robot.

It´s out. Check it out.

All pictures are screenshots from the Machinarium demo here.


  1. I really want to click on the links but I'm afraid of what might happen. I get hooked to and it that happens everything else will go to hell and I'll spend all of my time gaming.

  2. You´ll be ok. The demos aren´t that long, and so worth the experience.

    And if you get hooked, you can join gamers anonimous with me.

  3. Just don´t click the links before your marathon. Which, by the way, you are running on my birthday!

  4. cool, looks like fun. i'll bring the cookies for the gamers anonymous meeting.


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