2 Mar. 2010

Technical Difficulties

I'm in a bit of a frizz.

My photo-uploader is giving me all kinds of error-messages, its favourite being "Unable to upload file because the site has exceeded its file upload quota." the one in blogger in draft sais: "One or more of the files you selected could not be uploaded. They may be too large or not valid image files. Please check the files and your internet connection and then try again.".

Julochka has kindly acted as tech-support, as Blogger is ignoring my pleas. Have tried her suggestions with no success. Does anyone else know how to fix this glitch?



  1. I had trouble uploading my coffee table post. I finally got it done loading 3 pics or less at a time. Maybe send a twitter message to their account?

  2. Is it possible that you have exceeded 1GB of image files?

    Here is their discussion of free vs paid storage:

  3. Oh no, sorry I can't help! I know nothing about it.
    But I feel sorry for you, maybe that helps just a little bit? ;)


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