8 Mar. 2010

Getting Crafty

Doilies and old fabric from Salvation Army. Perfect for making stuff with.

Some fabric and a doilies I picked up at the local Salvos and some old school knitting patterns. Not the biggest knitter, but I comletely fell for the oh so perfect skiing beauties.

I might just knit myself a fancy ponytail hat. Or not.

But the doily and the fabric will at some point be turned into an apron for little man. We love baking together, and he keeps commenting mine.

Picked up some other patterns too. Mostly because of the retro feel.

Perfect families in perfect knitting. But that kid looks like he's on speed.

1 comment:

  1. Perfect families ... but in matching jumpers.
    Can you imagine bumping into them in the supermarket?! You'd be mopping away tears of mirth!!! xxx


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