21 Mar. 2010

Old Stavanger

... in the snow.

Before the snow melted. There are cobbled streets.
These shots are taken on the first of March and it's amasing that all the snow is gone now. Old Stavanger is a part of the city that still has the characteristic wooden houses that used to cover the whole city. A fire burned most of them down, but this area was salvaged, and is now preserved, cobbled streets and all.

It's not a museum, people live in the almost 150 year old houses, but they have to share their beautiful homes with hoards of cruise-tourists from April till late September. Most of the houses are not allowed to be another colour than white. Although there is a blue house near the harbour which is allowed to be blue because it originally was.

Gotta ove those old tile roofs.
Long shadows on sunny buildings.
The old fire tower.


  1. Fine byen! Visste du at hele Gamle Stavanger var bare èn liten bystyrestemme (Einar Hedèn) fra å bli totalsanert i 1956? Etter krigen var det stemning for mer betong a la postlokket hele veien bortover. Da var hele bydelen forfallen, og brosteinene borte vekk eller gjemt under sprukken asfalt. Området hvor du har tatt bilder mot Vålandstårnet var gamle terrassehager, gaten mot Gamle Stavanger var "fingaten" og fasaden til de gamle kjøpmannshusene. Skulle ikke tro det sånn det ser ut der i dag. Utrolig spennende område - elsker å reke gatelangs og snuse på stemningen - og den i dag helt uhyrlige tanken at alt kunne vært jevnet med jorden. Fine bilder!

  2. I'm trying to decide if it would be worth it to live in one of these quaint houses if it meant opening up to strangers six months out of the year.

    Your pictures make me think yes.

  3. What a beautiful journey to a beautiful place. I love these houses,and am noting the blue of the sky in some of these pictures, what a clear day.


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