5 Mar. 2010

The Lobster Cottage

I got to go on a gourgeous boat trip yesterday. And I'm lucky it was yesterday as it has been snowing a lot today. It was bright and beautiful. Crisp and no, not cold.


This cottage was refuge for lobster-fishermen one hundred years ago. It's falling to bits, and the two guys in my pics want to restore it.

It stinks of bird poo inside the hut, and it has been a nest for the sea-birds for quite a while.



  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love Norway.

  2. gasp...i love large rocks. specifically i love climbing and playing on them. two of my favorite places near me consist of large rocks to play on. it literally sparks my soul to visit those places.

    beautiful pictures.

  3. Absolutely stunning photos! I hope you post pics when they get the cottage renewed!

  4. Vilket underbart ställe! Och vilka underbara fotografier!! :)

  5. Oh, that looks so pretty! I would love to be on a boat right now!


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