25 Mar. 2010

Self Gifting

... in yellow. Definitely my favourite colour of now.

I don't think I'll cook my clogs in my new pot.
Now I'm just waiting for warmer weather.
Isn't she a beauty?
I bought my Swedish Hasbeens a month back. They were delivered at work only two days later. I lve them, and I have worn them outside already.

My Le Creuset was ordered from my local shop, and was hand delivered from France last weekend. Got it on Monday, and I've already cooked two meals in it. This weekend: Bread. I'll tell you all about it.


  1. I love Le Cruset! I just bought a yellow wok, I love it ;)

  2. OMG. They're beautiful. Are they ruinously expensive? Available in Australia? Sigh. And the pot in yellow. It's so sunny. Love it.
    I'm thinking of gifting myself a little piece of jewellery I saw yesterday. I met the maker. I'm always sold if I meet the maker.

  3. I can't live without my Le Creuset Dutch oven! Mine is in French blue, my favorite color, and it makes my heart sing.

    Those clogs are totally adorable! Do they come in French blue?

  4. I have a blue and a red Le Cruset and I love them, perhaps more than my children. I love that the inside gets a patina with all the meals you cook in them. Katiecrackernuts, they are available in Aus, my hubby brought mine at Myers years ago.

  5. just like daffodils...they say Spring!

  6. oh I LOVE yellow. it's one of my bew favorites too!!!

  7. ok, i am suffering from a serious attack of jealousy right now! i have been dying for some hasbeens since last spring. i am totally into the natural leather ones. then this winter i would enter their site on a weekly basis to drool over their boots. and now the whole summer sandal thing started again. i might just have to save myself from more suffering and get me a pair of hasbeens this season.

    that creuset is a BEAUTY. i love mine, but i need more colors ;)


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