12 Mar. 2010

Ahhh ... Friday

... and the snow has magically practically dissappeared in the last couple of days. And I got a wonderful yellow self gift delivered at work today. Don't fridays hold all the promises of a great great weekend?

Mine is filled with girls night, breakfast at our favourite café, spring flowers from the shop, parents coming home after three months in Aussie, Saturday cook night, and a beautiful baby boys baptism.


  1. Yay, Friday it is! Love these two.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous12/3/10 20:53

    love the flower photo!
    happy weekend:)

  3. happy friday...although it's probably already saturday there. sounds like you have a great weekend planned!

  4. aaaahh, what wonderful photos! enjoy your weekend :)

  5. sounds like you are having a great weekend!


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