23 Mar. 2010

I love: 52 Suburbs

Picture borrowed from the fabulous 52 Suburbs
I really can't get enough of this wonderful blog that makes me so homesick. And for the observent of you, this blog has been on my roll for a few months now.

The gorgeous Lousie decided to get to know her city, Sydney, more, and is documenting her visits to its suburbs on the blog "52 Suburbs". As the title promises it's one suburb a week.

I'm totally hooked. She manages to capture that bright sharp Sydney light and has a fetish for architecture and street art just like me.

And she challenges me and my prejudices. Like in her most recent post on Redfern.

Let me just put it this way. She's at 28 now, and I really hope she continues past 52 suburbs. There are over 600 suburbs in Sydney, after all.


  1. Dear Miss Buckle
    Thank you so much for such lovely blog love! And I'm sorry to make you homesick - hope it's more sweet than bitter. But I love that you love the project - and to learn that I challenge your prejudices. Got to be a good thing.
    Have fun way over there,
    Louise, from 52 Suburbs

  2. are you australian? or you lived there? what's the homesick thing about?

    so many questions... :)

  3. Trinch: I'm both Australian and Norwegian. My Dad is Aussie, and I have lived in Australia.

    I usually go to Sydney every second year or so. I wish for more often as I get really really homesick.


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