7 Mar. 2010

Discovering Ones Talents

Blood-orange cupcakes. Just because I had some oranges going off.

I've been pondering a lot lately. Maybe it's the lingering winter that is still veiling spring in its fluffy cotton white. Maybe it is my age. Maturity. Crossroads.

I really can't shake the feeling that good things are coming my way. And boy do I deserve them.

It feels like it all started on my audition to Masterchef. It opened up something in me. Something that has made me feel like the sky is the limit. And although this feeling makes me restless, it is also amasing to feel the same was as I did at 18. Ready to start my life. All options open. But with life wisdom to boot.

And I'm actually pretty set. Permanent job. Permanent house. Permanent family. The last attached to me, not the house and the job.

Things, I say. Things are disposable. Family is not.

I guess it is about confidence, somewhere along my way I lost it. And now it's back. With a boom. At least sometimes. And most of the time I can conjure it when I need it. Remind myself how I mastered this, and that.

And I realised a lot of it is connected to the blogosphere. The beautiful kindred souls that bother to comment on a complete strangers blog. Indulging in the narcissim. And I indulge right back. Cause you all feel like friends.

Julochka has brought the crafter out in me.
Spud the photographer out in me.
Molly and Trinch the baker out in me.

And countless blogs in my Google-reader continue to inspire me with their talent, creativity and guts. I learn something every day, just because people are taking the bother to share.

And talents. Yes, I will nurture them. The baking, the sewing, and especially the photographing. Cause it is doing me good. It's making me feel like I'm connected.

I had a beautiful email today telling me to keep it up. I promise. I will.


  1. I have bananas a plenty, so it will be baby banana cakes for me. Your cakes look so good. My sister and I spent 20mins on the phone yesterday discussing the merits of frosting. She reckons her frostings fail, and I just can't see how.

  2. Inspired and inspirational. I could do with a bit of your mo-jo I think!
    (PS - is it possible to have a bake-off via blog?!)

  3. those look so divine!

  4. Glad to see your optimism soaring. And now that I've read the caption, I am craving some orange cupcakes with orange frosting.

  5. those cupcakes look divine. and yes, the blogosphere is indeed a wonderful place.

  6. Could you send me those cupcakes? They look divine.

    Maybe this could be your new opportunity: mail order cupcakes.

    I've been following your blog for a few months now and I agree, your life is beautiful. You never cease to inspire.


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