4 Mar. 2010


I've been reflecting a lot lately. About myself, and about seeing myself in others. Because I love reflecting myself in another person. Mirroring some of my own traits. Good and bad.

It's a good trait to have as a person. To see one self in others. It makes people easier to understand. Easier to accept. And like. As a journalist I might even say it's a must.

I've always said that my sense of empathy is overdeveloped to the point where it borders on esp. So when I heard that a policeman was killed on duty last night, I cried. My thoughts went to his family, his wife and three kids. My thoughts went to the 27 year old who now is a murderer, and who was so high driving his stolen car that he only can remember glimpses of the drive. He has to live with it. All his life.

I actually know a man who killed someone. Shot a person, point blank. He has to live with it. I asked him once how he can. He answered, you just do. He was an abused teenager. Today he is a successfull businessman. And a Father of almost three.

Do I see some of myself in him too? Definetly.

I see myself in Little Man. Him discovering the world.
I see myself in geriatrics eating cake.
I see myself in my younger collegues.
And the older ones.
In my Mum. My Dad. My siblings.

And I see myself in all those kindred souls I've met right here. People I've never seen, but that I feel like I know. I read about their lives right here. And I got to meet some at Blog Camp, and we couldn't shut up.

Maybe it's about time to turn some of that empathy on myself. Treat myself with the love, insight and respect I do others.

I'm working on it.

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  1. Oh, Miss B, this is a lovely post. Empathy is a very valuable trait...and yes, you should definitely direct some of it toward yourself! It will feed the cycle....


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