20 Jan. 2011

Forging Friendships

It's funny how being plonked into the same life situation connects people. I'm now a member of the official baby neighbourhood, and here we talk about spit-up, pooey diapers and babysmiles. I love it!

And in these connections I realise how intertwined people are. This person knows that person, and suddenly they are not so strange anymore. 

Just spent the last three hours talking to girls who not so long ago were complete strangers.

A cup of coffee and a brownie is all it takes.

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  1. These are just the kinds of coffee meetings childless people often scoff at, but when you're in your baby years those near-strangers can be the closest (and most valuable)people to you - I'm so glad you've found some.
    (and those brownies look awesome!)


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