23 Jan. 2011

Sunday Chook

One of the Aussie traditions that I have inherited is the Sunday roast chook. I have great memories from Auntie Jans in Sydney roasting two chooks and getting to eat the bacon protecting the breast while she litterally pulled the golden juicy chickens apart and served them with soft rolls.

I usually love mine with roast veg and gravy. Normally I make stuffing, but today I wasn't fussed with it. 

I seasoned it with a bit of smoked salt and pepper and stuffed a garlic, a few sprigs of parsley and half a lemon inside the carcass. This time I browned it on the pan before roasting it for a couple of hours at 175 degrees.

Once I get the chook in the oven I start preparing the veg. Easy. This time I had parsnip, sweet potato, carrots, potato and fennel. All in even bits, and then tossed in a bit of oil, salt and pepper.

The good thing about browning the chook off in the pan before putting it in the oven (apart from the crispy skin) is a pan ready for making the gravy. A couple of spoons of flour and some stock, and then just add the panjuices later.

While the chicken rests, bang on the grill and brown off the veg. Pull the chicken into bits and serve with loads of the yummy gravy.

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