22 Jan. 2011

If All Else Fails ...

Felt like I needed a new header, and whipped up something in a hurry while Little Brother was sleeping. Uploaded it, and wtf? It was all fuzzy and pixelated. After exporting my header a load of times I decided to go back to my old header. Fuzzy too. Bugger blogger. Blogger bugger.

I was just about to throw my Mac out the window when I realised I hadn't googled my issues. I litterally wrote "can't upload header without being pixelated", and Google answered my prayers.

Thank you bloggy world! You all rock!


A very gratefull MissBuckle


  1. You can find answers to just about every question on the Internet. And your new header is lovely. Very soft colors this time.

  2. Wish I could work out how to change my template without completely wrecking the joint!

    Like the new header, especially the moose biscuit.

  3. How did you do it? Please help me out!

  4. Ah! I've been doing the same, but all I get is your blog in the google search! What answer did you find to fix it?

  5. I uploaded the header to flickr and used the url to load up the pic from the web.


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