15 Jan. 2011

Project 2011

The morning light over my neighbours roof tops can be breathtakingly beautiful, and I have often photographed them.

And it struck me that I could make a photo project of it, albeit probably an irregular one. As the sun rises earlier I might not be able to catch the light, but there might be a little man waking me up early.

My last two posts I have also presented the other view down my street. Over the roof tops and into the mountains. And I've decided to document these too, as regularly as I can manage. Although the mountains look gorgeous in the morning light, I think these can be shot all day long, so I might manage one a day. No promises though.

The results will be presented on my flickr, and can be reached through the picture links in my sidebar. 

And if you're impatiant like me, and you need everything served on a platter, then click on the triptycks below to go there now.

My Street

My View

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