2 Aug. 2009

Confession #3

Ray Meagher has played Alf Stewart for two decades and is an institution in Home and Away.

I watch kids shows.

Especially the ones from Australia like Home and Away and H2O. It gets so bad that sometimes I tape them to watch them when I'm (totally) on my own.

I've been hooked on The Tribe, Gossipip Girl (still am), and Danish and Norwegian series on NRK Super.

To tell the truth I get hooked on most series.


  1. Oh lordy. Was just going through some of your posts and saw this picture of 'Alf Stewart' and nearly spilt my coffee on my keyboard whilst laughing. From a fellow Aussie I admire your guts in revealing such a secret.

    So love your photography, wish I had half your talent. There is such life in what you capture. My eldest is in his 4th class of photo media at high school and wants to be a photojournalist, I've put him onto your site.

  2. HAHA, thats great, I have a secret passion for Gossip Girl too, and Gilmore Girls!!! Oh yes. Now I have said it! XD


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