17 Aug. 2009

Confession #4

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I'm scared of the dentist.

I really am. And lately I have been admitting to it. And getting crap for it. Deserved crap.

Because, hey. I have given birth. And how can a stupid dentist compare to 24 (yes!) hours of labour. That's what I tell myself in the gym, at work, when I fix things (etc etc).


- I have given birth so I have the strength to lift sofa. Or:
- I have given birth so I have the energy to run for another ten minutes. Or:
- I have given birth so (insert the appropriate sentence here)

But for some reason that scary scary dentist makses me draw a birth blank.

And I'm a sensible girl. I do what I'm supposed to, but at the moment I really think I need someone to book me that appointment, shove me in that door, and strap me to that chair.


It's out.

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  1. Oh me too. I hate the dentist, I can't bear it. I leave it for years and then need a tonne of stuff doing. Last time I went (Sept 08, after 7 years...) I need SO much doing including root canal and crowns. Cry. So much pain, so much money...I'm such a doofus.


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