19 Aug. 2009

Animal Toys

Little Man has some great animal toys. He especially loves the rabbit, and makes a seriously cute face pretending to be one. He likes putting them up on their feet, but also putting them to bed. Shhh... the cow, hen and puppy are sleeping.


  1. How old is he? My daughter's 2 and a bit and she does exactly the same thing - lots of putting small plastic animals / other bizarre and completely inanimate objects 'to sleep', often with a blanket, whereafter we must all tread softly else we're given a disapproving scowl and told to 'Shhh!'.
    Love the cart horse with the big hairy feet!

  2. He's two in the end of October. The only way I get him to bed without all his toys is to put them to "bed" on the sofa.

  3. very cute! i LOVE the rabbit too x


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