16 Aug. 2009

Feeling Guilty

So I'm feeling dead guilty for not blogging in a while. Which bums me out. Because the whole point about this blog was for it to be something purely for pleasure, and not out of all the Need Tos, Should Dos, and Must Get Tos in my life.

I have enough of them.

So I'm washing my hands off the guilt.

This is my positive Build-Up-My-Soul place. So I'm going to post another beautiful flower picture, and sigh, and feel a little sad about Autumn arriving already.
And I'm going to pause. And remember all the sights on our family drive down the coast today.
  • The no tractors allowed sign on the new highway
  • The messy vegetable stall on the side of the road

  • The purple pallets stacked way high and Big Mans suprise at me liking them.

  • The horses (white and brown) standing in formation.

  • The sheep hiding under the trees in the rain.

  • The young cows (kviger) dry humping in the field.

  • Little Mans excitement over seeing a digger.

  • The very sweet Tibetan dog called Mikkel

  • Little Mans excited-but-scared squeel

  • The rain, the road and a dry car.

Life is pretty all right.

Even with sick kids, rainy days and Autumn blues.


  1. Blog like nobody's reading! It's the only way. As you say, I'm sure the very last reason on earth you started blogging was to ADD to your To Do list. Do it for you, if and when you feel like it, and secretly some of us will be reading ... :)

  2. Good on you. Hope sunny days come your way soon - and that the kids get better.

  3. Quite right...I got antsy last week because I 'needed' to blog and MrSpud reminded me that this supposed to be 'fun'...it's not 'compulsory'...


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