31 Mar. 2011

Proud Mamma

So proud of this gorgeous big boy who ...

... keeps his little brother company while I get ready in the morning
... masters a two wheeler scooter in five minutes
... tells me he loves me more when we say goodnight
... tastes almost everything, and likes it.
... makes deals like the craftiest of lawyers, and makes it very hard to say no to him.
... kisses his little brothers head.
... goes to the loo all by himself and washes his hands every time.
... loves my home baked rolls. Especially the seeds.
... reminds me, when my mind goes blank.
... jumps up to help me when I need something whilst breastfeeding.
... gives the greatest hugs and kisses.

29 Mar. 2011



Boys in bed. Peace.

28 Mar. 2011

Monday Afternoon Baking


Lunch box rolls. Various seeds. Very popular. Recipie here (in Norwegian).

27 Mar. 2011

26 Mar. 2011

25 Mar. 2011

Friday Reflections


Friday is slowing down.

Friday is prawns and avocado. Lemon. Mayo.

Friday is sunny, crisp weather. Although windy.

Friday is doing all the weekend shopping in one go and not worry about it for the rest of the weekend.

Friday is relaxing the rules.

Friday is knowing that there is no rush in the morning (but no lay-in either).

Friday is the promise of the rest of the weekend.

24 Mar. 2011

Surrounded by Yellow


I really can't get enough of that bright colour. Daffs everywhere, both inside and out.

And my collection of yellow things is growing. Daily. Yellow tablecloth. Yellow lamp. Yellow butter dish. Yellow broom and dustpan. Yellow pillows. Yellow pots.

Yesterday I painted a row of pegs yellow too.

... and those daffs. Oh. I love spring.

22 Mar. 2011

Happy Birthday

I can't help my self but to send some unexpected (digital) cupcakes to Julie. I don't think I would still have been blogging hadn't she invited me over to Blog Camp 2.0 and the gorgeous blue room. Here's to you sweetie.

Out and About


Can't blog. Too busy enjoying warm spring weather and coffee with friends.



21 Mar. 2011

Smooth Sailing


When one is almost three and a half life is full of little battles and frustrations. Something a Mamma has to deal and live with. But today has been one of those days that feels like everything has gone smoothly.

Some days it feels like the stars have to align in a constellation happening only once a century for things to even zig zag along.

But today was that perfect combination of a little boy willing to listen, and a Mamma willing to pick her battles. And although it almost slipped when he refused to wash his hair in the bath, with a little help from Big Man, we managed to haul that one in as well.

I told Big Brother how proud I was of him and the great day we had. I told him he wasn't grumpy and whingy or anything.
- Well Mamma. I was a little little bit whingy. Just this much, says my big little man and shows his little finger.

How quickly I forget.


20 Mar. 2011

Silent Sunday: Sheep


See more Silent Sundays at Mocha Beanie Mummy.

19 Mar. 2011

17 Mar. 2011

Solidarity Silence


Friday. I'm joining in silence. In solidarity. Bloggers Day of Silence.

A Trip to the Sea


Grasping Straws








Ball of Fire

16 Mar. 2011


My Street: 16.03.11

At least being sick means I can stare at this view.

15 Mar. 2011


The First

Tired. Headache. Sore throat. Runny nose. Dry eyes.

Just want to sleep, but there's a little boy that just.won't.let.me.

This too will pass.

14 Mar. 2011

My Street This Winter

Pause and Repeat


Drinking a lot of coffee these days. Just to pause. Think. Relax. Find time for me. Helps when sleep is scarse, and everyone else monopolises my time.

Ah, the little things.

The cup, by the way, is by tine k home. They have loads of cool stuff. And the cappuccino was enjoyed at one of my favourite cafés, Ostehuset. They have loads of good food. Like the BBQ prawn sandwitch below.

BBQ Prawn Sandwitch

13 Mar. 2011

Support Japan

Photo: Sheneligans

I'm definitely buying these from Eli Renate and her husband on one of my favourite blogs Sheneligans. All procedings go to support the tsunami victims in Japan. They are already in her Epla store. Such a great initiative, and they are seriously cute as well. Now, where's my credit card?

Silent Sunday: Graphic


See more Silent Sundays at Mocha Beanie Mummy.

12 Mar. 2011

March Banner


... needed a change. Yellow is my favourite colour.

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