31 Mar 2011

Proud Mamma

So proud of this gorgeous big boy who ...

... keeps his little brother company while I get ready in the morning
... masters a two wheeler scooter in five minutes
... tells me he loves me more when we say goodnight
... tastes almost everything, and likes it.
... makes deals like the craftiest of lawyers, and makes it very hard to say no to him.
... kisses his little brothers head.
... goes to the loo all by himself and washes his hands every time.
... loves my home baked rolls. Especially the seeds.
... reminds me, when my mind goes blank.
... jumps up to help me when I need something whilst breastfeeding.
... gives the greatest hugs and kisses.


  1. Awwww firstborns are so responsible and kind!! It almost melts your heart to watch life from this side (mommy view) :0) enjoy your boys. Xxx

  2. and he wears the most colourful clothes...fantastic!

  3. Adorable! You should show him that list someday when he's a grown boy :)

    That suit is rockin. I need to get me one.

  4. For en flott gutt! Skjønner at du er stolt :-)

  5. and, he has that awesome rainbow flyverdragt that i wish they'd had when sabin was little.



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