2 Mar. 2011

Playfull Being

Manhattan Toy

It's fascinating how quickly things change with a little baby. This toy was uninteresting just a little week ago. Now he grabs it and tries to shove the whole thing into his mouth.

I talk to him all the time. And it seems he understands me, or at least my tone of voice. And he gives back. In mealt your heart smiles. In bring tear to your eyes giggles.

When his little hand grabs mine I lose my breath. His warmth and softness such a comfort for a Mamma who is totally in love with this little human.

And when he sleeps. Peace. World peace. And when he wakes up I realise how much I missed him.

... and then he smiles, giggles and grabs that toy. A little playfull miracle. Evolving. Changing. Every day.


  1. He and his Mamma are both people who love color and play. Your joy with this little one shows in all your posts.

  2. Känner igen mig så mycket. Häftigt det här med att vara mamma :)
    Ha en skön helg!


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