22 Mar. 2011

Happy Birthday

I can't help my self but to send some unexpected (digital) cupcakes to Julie. I don't think I would still have been blogging hadn't she invited me over to Blog Camp 2.0 and the gorgeous blue room. Here's to you sweetie.


  1. Aw, you're too sweet. As are those cupcakes!

  2. i'm a bit behind, but THANK YOU!!! those cupcakes are gorgeous. and i'll bet you'd never refer to them as muffins. :-) (i'm in a battle with the people in my house who constantly refer to my cupcakes as muffins.)

  3. Well, it's true :-)

    I've always called them cupcakes.

    But in Norway they call cupcakes muffins.

    They have no clue that muffins are the healthy kind that can be savory and eaten for breakfast :-)


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