21 Mar 2011

Smooth Sailing


When one is almost three and a half life is full of little battles and frustrations. Something a Mamma has to deal and live with. But today has been one of those days that feels like everything has gone smoothly.

Some days it feels like the stars have to align in a constellation happening only once a century for things to even zig zag along.

But today was that perfect combination of a little boy willing to listen, and a Mamma willing to pick her battles. And although it almost slipped when he refused to wash his hair in the bath, with a little help from Big Man, we managed to haul that one in as well.

I told Big Brother how proud I was of him and the great day we had. I told him he wasn't grumpy and whingy or anything.
- Well Mamma. I was a little little bit whingy. Just this much, says my big little man and shows his little finger.

How quickly I forget.


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