9 May 2011

Two Today


It's my bloggy birthday and I'm a proud Mamma. There won't be any cake cause my oven is still on the frizz, but there will be a giveaway.

Just tell me what is your favourite of my pics this year, and you can win said print. It's that easy!

And tell all your friends about me. I need someone to listen for another two years :-).


  1. happy bloggy birthday!!! hte image is simply lovely :-) happy new week

  2. Happy birthday Miss Buckle, happy birthday to you!
    And well done!
    So hard to pic a favourite but I loved LOVED the daffodils on your Happy Saturday post over the weekend.

  3. Gratulerer! Alltid verdt å ta en titt på bloggen din. Her er mine foreløpige kandidater: http://www.flickr.com/photos/43635690@N08/5662445464/in/photostream/ , http://www.flickr.com/photos/43635690@N08/5652948992/in/photostream/ , http://www.flickr.com/photos/43635690@N08/5700782234/in/photostream/ .

  4. design elements and Molly: Thank you :-)

    Oda: Interessante valg :-)

  5. happy 2nd blogoversary!

  6. happy blog birthDAY!

    i love all of the ones you've taken of your street at different times of the day, hard to narrow it down to one!

  7. Anonymous10/5/11 04:08

    Tillykke! Oh dear sweet Miss Buckle! How often can I submit my favourites - I would LOVE to have one of your prints for my white 'Scandanavian-inspired' walls in our small and cozy home in Toronto! Your daffs are my absolute favourite (both the one I used for my fb profile and the one from last weekend. The Danish pics are also brill. If I 'win' I could just let you choose?
    Sending happiest greetings and congratulations to you oh brilliant one! mwah! xoxo

  8. Congratulations! I love so many of your photos. The daffodils-with-shadows photo shows what a great eye you have, and "Gold," from April 17 shows your technical virtuosity. Either would be a wonderful treasure!

  9. I love the ones of Emil and Mikkel together. True brotherly love! Happy Blogg Birthday

  10. Anonymous10/5/11 21:15

    Gratulerer Anne!! I love your blog- the texts and youre pictures...Just have to visit it before I go to sleep...I am addicted:) Hard to pic a favourite, but it must be your color-pics: "green", "white" and "orange"!! klem Eli

  11. Congratulations! And keep it coming - it's so lovely to see so much colour and such beautiful composition. I'm a big fan of the bubble blowing photos from awhile back - they're sooo pretty!


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