23 May 2011

Make: Pinboard


I had this IKEA frame with a broken glass, and decided that it was about time I made that pinboard I thought I'd turn it into.


With some fabric, some yellow ribbon and a cheap duna from the same place as the frame, I got a result I'm pretty happy with. I used one of those staple guns to fix it all to the frame. Really a no brainer.


I was so proud to show it off to the boys, but I shouldn't have bothered. Big Man reckoned I could have spent my energy on something other than faffing about.

Men just don't get these things.

Just Made


  1. It's awesome! Go you.

    Men really don't get these things!

  2. i'm always happy to find another Domo fan :)

    and great idea, i wouldn't mind a noticeboard in my kitchen to stick all those things that don't fit on the fridge.

  3. ha ha did you slap him i woulda love it


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