14 May 2011

Thought Trains

White Birch

... in love with the trees at the mo. The greenness of them. And this white Birch I walk past almost every day, marvelling at the pristine bark.

... suddenly it's 12 degrees and rain out. Very Wet Rain. And I had almost forgotten what it was like.

... Little Brother has a cold. He cries big fat tears and looks at me with eyes asking why I'm not making it all better.

... chocolate ice cream might be the best invention in the world. Especially eaten straight out of the box (it is Saturday after all).

... a friends Mum just got a puppy and fell completely for my name suggestion; Eddie. So now there's a furry poodle pup getting all jumpy when he hears his new name.

... please please let Little Brother sleep for another hour. I just want to finish my movie.

I will draw the winner of my blogbirthdaygiveawaybonanza on Monday morning. All comments received by midnight Norwegian time tomorrow will have a chance to enter. Now go over and leave a comment. It's really not that complicated :-)

1 comment:

  1. Lovely tree! Chocolate icecream is indeed one of the best inventions in the world... and Eddie is a great name for a pup! Emma :)


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