31 May 2011


Dad ring

We've been moving rooms around in the house, and I've been looking in drawers and boxes I havn't opened for years. And I found treasure.

The ring above is opal, my birthstone, and my Dad made it for me a few years back. I used to wear rings all the time. Now it fels unnatural.


The bracelet above is from a holiday in Nice, and I've decided to at least try to wear it. Although when I wear it I think I'm wearing a watch and I keep looking for the time.

I put most of my jewelry away when Big Brother was born as he would tug and pull on both earrings and necklaces. I rediscovered these the other day.

It made me remember how much I love turquoise.


  1. Beautiful treasures - there is nothing more precious than finding something long lost & forgotten.

    We are new to your blog & to blogging but finding it all very wonderful - much like unearthing hidden jewels!

  2. i love the bracelet wear it what harm can he really do it's lovely


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