15 May 2011

Tilt Shift

It all started with this shot of Reykjavik by Kris Atomic.

And Veronica gave me an aha moment with this shot.

I was intrigued and found this tilt shift maker. And created this:


... and this

my street2-tiltshift

... and this. So much fun!

Tilt shift is actually a lens you can buy for your camera, but it can also be faked in photoshop. And very easily faked with the tilt shift maker.



  1. It makes everything look like little models and dollshouses!

  2. I know! It's magical, right?

  3. Interesting! I am sure they were using this on Eurovision last night when they were introducing the cities! (not that I watched that much!!!)

  4. perfect timing for this post! i was showing my partner Kris Atomic's photos of iceland and he refused to believe that they weren't miniature models and then they used it on Eurovision last night and my friend told me about it but i had forgotten what it was called. so thank you for posting this!! :)

  5. Emma and SJ: Yup, the Eurovision was the one that trigged Veronica to write about it.

    I didn't watch. Too horrible.

    ... and SJ: You win :-)


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