2 May 2011

In my Head


... red and yellow are definitely my favourite colours
... a freshly bathed and sleepy baby is one of the best things in life
... my heart implodes every time Big Brother hands me a dandelion with the proudest face ever


... why are boys so fascinated with tractors and diggers?
... the green this time of year is so fresh it almost knocks me over
... kids will eat anything if you bread it or put it on a stick

Red Bowl

... strawberries always make me happy
... I won first prize in a give-away, and I'm still so excited about it
... why do we get excited about free stuff? I'd be excited about a lollipop as well

First Time

... light, and the promise of more of it, really makes life easier
... and bare feet in grass feels almost like a freshly bathed, sleepy baby


  1. it all sounds perfect... sara would eat anything with yogurt on it... :)

  2. Yup, I'd agree with all of that! My boys love those mechanical diggers too. Love the vintage Massey Ferguson! x

  3. that digging thing doesn't really go away.

    love the "ferguson" pic!



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