5 Feb. 2010


This weekend. A unusually normal one. Finally.

Tonight ... some chicken wings. A cesar salad. A good movie (at least I hope).
Tomorrow morning ... breakfast at Food Story with My Men. Good coffee. A walk around town.
Naptime ... might just have one of my own.
Afternoon ... collegues coming over. Beetchips, chicken squewers and aioli.
Evening ... journalistparty. More collegues. Old and new. Laughs.
Sunday morning ... zzzzzzzz, then play with Little Man.
Rest of the day open. As Sundays should be.

I'm ready. Bring on some rest and relaxation. Good food, good friends. And family. Bliss.


  1. sounds wonderful - hope you enjoy

  2. That sounds great! Nice photo, too.

  3. sounds perfect. heavenly bliss.

  4. Sounds like a good weekend based around food and friendship.


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