12 Feb. 2010

How MissBuckle Got Her Mojo Back

Step-by-step recipie:

First. Complain and rant about losing mojo and conjunctivitis. Receive love and sympathy fom the blogosphere in comment box (Thank you. I love you!).

Second. Take a photo of floppy tulips, and post it on flickr to receive love, praize and explore. At the same time the Canon-hospital calls you and sais that your beloved 7D is well again.

Third. Finish a big project at work and feel good about the results.

(and it does help that I have a bottle of Rosé in the fridge)

Happy Friday Lovelies!



  1. YAY for the return of the mojo. Now, I just have to find mine. I think that perhaps one of the Olympic mascots stole it.

  2. yay for revived mojo! :)

  3. glad you are feeling better just in time for the weekend. :)

  4. so great you have found the mojo again! that photo is gorgeous:)

  5. Hooray! And I so love the bright colors in your header.


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