16 Feb. 2010

Looking for Energy

Flowers at a café. Energising.

I'm really struggling keeping my energy levels up lately. Winter is really taking it's toll, and by the time I get home from work I'm exhausted.

And although we've had a beautiful winter with snow, sun and light, I'm getting seriously sick of not seeing the ground. Slipping around on the ice. Bundling up in the I'm-so-sick-of-this-but-I-refuse-to-buy-anything-but-summer-dresses-from-now-on-cardian. Don't get me going on the shoes. I have the choice between no grip, cold feet and stylish, or grip, warm feet and unstylish. I go for the last version.

But in my ripe old age of 32 I have found some tricks to generate at least a minimum low level of energy to keep me going.

• Making doughy and cakey comfort food and not feeling guilty about it.
• Going for a swim with a friend, competing over laps, laughing and splashing. (Reminds me that I need to do this very soon)
• Taking the camera family out for a walk in the sun.
• Getting stuff done. Like laundry. And enjoing the glow of relaxation after.
• Stuffing the laundry, and in stead spend three hour at a café with a friend and her baby.
• Plan things. And then make them happen.

What do you guys do to get your energy back? I need some more tricks. I'm depleting.


  1. i find the sun, even if it's cold, recharges me. let me know if you find something else...i'm flagging too just because i'm so swamped

  2. I put on some classic rock music and dance around with my grandchildren for a few minutes almost every day. It gets my heart going a little.

  3. uggg, gosh it seems everyone is running low these days, i get out, see a friend over coffee, that gets me a bit pumped up, because you know what...work is always there and the laundry...well that never ends and is always waiting patiently...go get out and have some laughs :)

  4. Usually, I go for a run, but due to a physical condition I am unable to do that lately, so, instead, I've been watching the Olympics and getting inspired by the athletes' hard work and interminable energy.

  5. Oh, I was hoping for a longer list. You seem to have boundless energy. Sorry to hear its flagging.
    Like Colleen, I run. I always seem to recharge while running.


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