21 Feb. 2010

My Random Seven

I got tagged by Nancy at BLissed-Out Grandma (can you see what it spells?) The beautiful blogger award is an honour. And she always leaves these lovely comments on my posts. I'm short cutting. Giving you guys seven randoms that I posted with my self portrait on Flickr.

1. I don't need to wear full make-up for self portraits. The preassure of there being half an hour left of the day to do my 365 project is pressure enough to make me do it anyways. And pasty wintery skin looks cool when you mess up the colours after.

2. I'm seriously self concious as to if you all like this. I guess  I'm more of a comfort-zone girl than I like to admit.

3. I'm not very good at treating myself with the same kindness and understanding that I do others. I'm definitely working on it.

4. I get really upset when treated unfairly. I've grown up in socialist-Norway and expect everyone to get the same chance.

5. I like to think I'm environmental and all eco-choice, but I really love driving fast with Beastie Boys blaring in my little car.

6. I'm a collector, I give things personality, and I keep having to remind mself they are only things.

7. I want to make a difference.

And I'm tagging the beauties below. But no pressure. No homework.

1 comment:

  1. If I would drive I would also listen to Beastie Boys;) Nice portrait, love the photo!


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