21 Feb. 2010

Fuel Up

What do you do when inspiration and energy runs dry? You check out the talent in the blogosphere. Here are my recomendations.

Some of my Flickr favourites above ... 

Mr. London Streets 100 word posts get me every time. My fave: 'Things I'd like to be, but never will'

The lovely Beatrix gives us little glimpses into her relationship. I totally loved this post.

My parents are travelling in Australia doing environmental work. Two Buckles go Bush.

Miss Jane at spain daily challenges me weekly with new Corner Views. I especially enjoyed this week.

I love The Tokyo Connections moody images. Especially this fish.

Last but not least. I am addicted to The Photodiarists candid portraits. And I was really excited to find pics in colour.


  1. thank you for this. i feel like i´ve lost my mojo lately:) monkey boy is too cute! besos-jane p.s. thanks!

  2. all such beautiful choices

  3. Ginger is so flattered that you like her picture! She is a beautiful girl. Thanks!

  4. oh I'm flattered to be in your great collage ;)


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