27 Dec. 2011

Matt from Australia

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19 and care free.

This is the fourth installment in a series about the men who keep a place in my heart. Read about Oscar from Sweden here, Anders from Denmark here and Jan from Canada here.

Matt took me by surprise.

When a guy likes me I'm usually taken aback. I've always been flirty, but never that cool calculated girl, and I always end up suprised that someone likes me for me.

And when I'm in I'm all in. I'm horrible at hiding my crush.

Let me set the scene.

I'm in my second semester at the University of Newcastle studying Environmental Science. I live in Evatt House. Mostly for Aussies, with a few international students mixed in. I'm known as the Crazy Norwegian, and my hair alternates between purple and red.

I hustle a couple of my house mates into going to this local concert. A day thing with several bands, and we get to know these local Newie boys. I reckon one of them is really cute. It's not Matt.

But Matt turns up in my Biology lecture and approaches me. I see it as a chance of seeing his cute mate again. We end up hanging out a bit.

Then on the 17th of May (Norways national day) there is this thing at the lawn bowls club in Newcastle. I remember Kangaroo is on the menu. I'm still veggie, and I get into a discussion with Matt. It ends up with passionate kissing in The Grands basement club.

I'm hooked. And my surrogate brother Grant has to drive me a few times to Jesmond in his old Datsun.

I meet the sister (terrifying), the parents (pleasant) and we go to an environtmental conference together before I leave the country for good.

Lets just say there are some poems dedicated to Matt as well. And I did go back to see him agan.

Next time: Simon from England

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