20 Dec. 2011

Christmas Projects

Gutta Boys
My first ever polaroid shot with my Morfars old camera and Impossible film. With my favourite teachers looking tough.

Doing a polaroid project over Christmas. Theme: Old becomes new. I have no clue where to begin, so I have to a real brainstorm. Any suggestions?

After the anitclimax of the final presentation and portfolio exam I've been catching up with laundry, bills, sleep and Christmas preparations.

I'm also making all my Christmas presents this year, and really having heaps of fun doing it! I'm taking pictures, and will post soon as not to spoil it for my family. The traditional (for me) photo book will be late this year due to me missing the shipping deasdline, but they'll get my hand crafted goodies under the tree with a book promise.

And I even got in an order for Christmas cards! For my Aussie family they'll be New Years cards.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy.

A. xxx


  1. hmmm, old becomes new. i have to admit, i'm struggling a bit for ideas. sorry i can't be more helpful!

    have a lovely christmas Anne, it's been great looking at all your photos over the last year.

  2. I know! A lovely Christmas to you to, sweets :- )


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